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Working with WildREACH
7th May 2011

On Thursday, 5th of May, Inkcubeko nendalo was invited by WildREACH to talk about biocultral diversity to a group of scholars from various Grahamstown schools. Not surprisingly some of the scholars had already participated in Inkcubeko's forest trip earlier in the year. Mluleki Nkosi spoke about the importance of wild plants for cultural practices and showed a number of examples (see below) such as sedge mats and grass brooms that are important traditional Xhosa wedding gifts.

According to WildREACH founder, Timothy Kuiper, the initiative aims to "empower local communities in the Eastern Cape by using knowledge as a driving force to create an interest in wildlife conservation in the region while revealing the direct social and economic benefits of conserving wild areas"

 WildREACH quotes John McNutt: “Success in any conservation effort anywhere in the world, whether directed at an endangered species or tropical forests, will depend on the social and economic security of the people who live directly in its shadow.

Keep up your good work WildREACH!

                                     Mluleki with WildREACH and Grahamstown scholars