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Groen Sebenza update
1st November 2015


The Groen Sebenza project is now complete and the pioneers have successfully completed their mini-projects. These include local bird-lore, sea-lore and traditional hunting practices.

Xhosa bird-lore: The inyakrini (glossy starling) call is rendered:

Ubusuk’oba kange silale; be sisela, be sisela; amehlo ebomvu nje; be sisele, kange silale (“Last night we had no sleep, we were drinking, we were drinking, our eyes being red as you see them, we were drinking, we never slept”) 


 Two of our pioneers have already found jobs in the biodiversity sector. Somi Mgcuwa is working in the Selmar Schonland Herbarium in Grahamstown, funded by the South African Botanical Society, and Khululwa Gxekwa has a permanent post at the KwaZulu-Natal Herbarium in Durban.

We wish them well in their new careers and trust that before long the other 4 pioneers will find suitable positions.