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A Contribution to South African Materia Medica
21st February 2011

This facsimile edition of Andrew Smiths "Contribution to South African Materia Medica" is introduced by Michelle Cocks and Tony Dold of Rhodes University. They situate Smith’s work in the context of earlier studies of South African medicinal plants, and they update it with a look subsequent writings as well as the continuing relevance of indigenous medicines today. Comprehensive tables give the current botanical names and correct isiXhosa spellings of plants mentioned in the book, and there is a full bibliography.

Eastern Cape Reprints is a project of the Cory Library of Rhodes University, Grahamstown.  It makes available facsimile reprints of scarce books, long unobtainable but of lasting value and utility. Each book is provided with an expert introduction, which highlights important aspects of the text, contextualizes its background, and brings the reader up to date on subsequent relevant research.

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The plant portrayed on the cover of this 2011 facsimile edition is Pelargonium pulverulentum, known as  Ikhubalo likaMlanjeni. The story of how the roots of this plant were used by the Xhosa prophet Mlanjeni as a war charm in the Eighth Frontier War 150 years ago can be found here.

Pelargonium pulverulentum - Mlanjeni's War Charm