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School pupils win prizes for Forest Experience assignment
22nd November 2012

All of the 297 pupils who participated in Inkcubeko Nendalo's Forest Experience in 2012 were invited to interview their parents/elders and write a short essay on the significance of the "forest" to Xhosa culture.

Although most elders spoke of how the forest provides resources many also pointed out that being in the forest is "refreshing" and allows one to be quiet and "close to the ancestors".

As discussed in our article "God is my Forest", we believe that continued access to nature areas  is important to foster an appreciation and respect for nature.

Three winners, all from Mary Waters High School, received prizes of a school satchel and a T-shirt, both with the Inkcubeko Nendalo logo on them.

See press article in Grocott's Mail here.

Dr Michelle Cocks, Mrs Myoli (Mary Waters grade 10 teacher) with prize winners Masanle Nyikinya and Nezise Gumenge, and Inkcubeko Nendalo co-ordinator Mluleki Nkosi.