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Mrwetyana High School visits the Schonland Herbarium
6th November 2012

 Inkcubeko Nendalo, at the request of Mrwetyana High School, facilitated several outings for the grade 10 class to visit the Schonland Herbarium at the Albany Museum.

Puplis learned about local plants and diversity as part of their Diversity, Change and Continuity module which includes an understanding of the principles of classification and nomenclature.

Pupils were each given two Botanical Society education posters and associated handbooks (see more here).

Three groups of 10 pupils and their teachers visited the Herbarium over three days. Herbarium Curator Tony Dold showed the pupils ethnobotanical specimens and explained the value of the herbarium.                                                            

                                    Good luck to the Mrwetyana pupils for exams!