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Inkcubeko Nendalo documentary
14th June 2012

Michael Moodie, a fourth year Radio Journalism student at Rhodes University, interviewed school pupils and the Inkcubeko Nendalo team for a documentary as part of his course work for 2012.

The documentary is called Five Minutes of Silence

 Listen here

Thanks Mike!

My name is Michael Moodie. I am a fourth year Radio Journalism student at Rhodes University and this is a documentary that I worked on in collaboration with Inkcubeko Nendalo. This documentary assignment formed part of my course work for the year, and I chose to work with the Inkcubeko Nendalo because I have a keen interest in matters relating the environment. This documentary is a showcase of the work that the organisation does in the Grahamstown Community, in helping to reconnect Xhosa youths with the natural environment that surrounds them.

  I worked closely with Mluleki Nkosi who runs projects with the local schools. He helps to get students out of the township and into nature. I accompanied him on trips into the forest and he helped facilitate a discussion with some Xhosa youths who have participated in the project. These students were Solomon Gotsi, Zamuxolo Johnson, Xola Joni and Sive Phongolo. Their contribution, along with that of Mluleki and Michelle Cocks helped tremendously in the success of this documentary.

The story was narrated by Beketele Hlanze, a fellow fourth year student. The voice overs for the Xhosa students were done by Litha Mpondwana, Pumeza Mabusela,Simthembile Matyobeni and Anazi Zote. 


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