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Inkcubeko contributes to Langscape
1st February 2012

In her editorial Ortixia Dilts, editor of Langscape, says “My inspiration for theming this issue of Langscape came from my correspondence from Michelle Cocks, project contributor from South Africa. She expressed that their project had taken on a new direction, that it encompassed the Xhosa Community’s sense of place, and that she and her team would like to write about it. As a student of the University of Nature, I have a deep appreciation for and authentic empathy with her findings :

 “More recently we have directed attention to understanding the emotions that landscapes evoke, the activities which lead to meaningful experiences in nature, and the ways in which one’s relationship with nature is portrayed. Clearly there is huge, and hitherto unrealised, potential to integrate people’s cultural values and practices into successful and long-lasting conservation initiatives.

 See Cocks,M., Dold, T., and Vetter, S. 2011. Biocultural values and conservation of Xhosa Forest in South Africa. Langscape 2 (9): 5-9.

Diviners attending a forest ritual where gifts are presented to the ancestors.