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Botanical Society Posters
31st January 2012

 Inkcubeko distributes Botanical Society posters to schools

The South African Botanical Society, with funding from the National Lottery, has reprinted two posters with associated educational handbooks for distribution to schools.

 The beautiful posters show more than 100 plant and animal species in each biome and their names are provided by means of a key in the handbooks. The handbooks also present a wealth of information about each plant or creature as well as stories and activities for school pupils.

 The Albany Branch of the Botanical Society has asked Inkcubeko Nendalo to distribute 100 of each of the “Forest” and “Fynbos” Posters and handbooks to our participating schools and education networks. We believe that these educational materials will be of great value to teachers when developing lessons for the Grade 10 Life Sciences curriculum, specifically Strand 3, Environmental Studies: Biomes.

 In addition to the posters and handbooks we have compiled a short information sheet that we are distributing with the posters. The aim of the handout is to highlight the fact that that many of the plants and animals depicted in the poster are directly relevant to Xhosa culture, customs, folklore and religious practices. We hope that by including this type of locally relevant information in the lessons learners will understand that nature is vitally important to sustain Xhosa culture. Please copy and distribute our information sheet, particularly for isiXhosa speaking pupils and teachers.



Above: Forest poster, handbook and key to species.
Above right: teachers (Ms Mboyiya, Mrs Krala, Mr Bennett  from the DoE, Ms Myoli, Mr Michaels and Ms Deliwe) accept postsers and Inkcubeko handouts for their schools.

We have distributed posters to all the grade 10 teachers at Ntsika, Mahlasela, Khutliso, Mrwetyana, Mary Waters, Nombulelo and Nyaluza in Grahamstown. Mr Mark Bennett from the Department of Education has taken posters to schools in Riebeek East and Alicedale as well as a set for the DoE in Grahamstown. In addition we have given sets of the posters to Dr Wayne Vos for use with school visits to his Conservation Academy near Grahamstown and to Penn State University who will use them for their schools programe at Dwesa-Cwebe. We will continue to distribute to, amongst others, Chata Museum, Chata village, Albany Museum, Grahamstown, Somerset East Museum, Ntaba ka Ndoda Heritage Development Centre, Tenza School, Willowvale...the list continues.

Children must go to the forest to learn everything about izithethe zamaXhosa (the manner of doing things; the way of life).

Tata Jim, Tharfield village.