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Inkcubeko presents Albany Museum schools focus week
24th August 2011

Tony Dold, co-founder of Inkcubeko nendalo, presented the Albany Museum schools Focus Week lessons this week (22-26 August).

The "lesson", a story told with a drum beat, is about how man first made fire using fireststicks. The story is followed by a demonstration using fire-sticks to make fire. Long before the invention of matches people made fire by rubbing two sticks together to create a tiny glowing ember that was used to ignite tinder. In our region two important trees where selected to make fire-sticks, uluzu (veld fig) and isagqheba (bitter leaf tree). The fire-sticks are called uzwathi in isiXhosa.

Tony Dold making fire with "fire-sticks" for Graeme College grade 3 pupils.